Warzone Bunker Exterior

With the arrival of Cold War: Season 2, the bunkers in Warzone have drastically changed from how they used to be. Before, there were multiple kinds of bunkers, each with different methods for opening. Now there is only one way to access bunkers, and all the other locations are either closed permanently or are now open with severely reduced loot. Even the mythical motherload of bunker 11 is no longer available. Speculation is that these changes to bunkers are foreshadowing for a future in-game event, but no one can know for sure. However, there are still a few bunkers worth knowing how to unlock, and there are even three new “bunkers” in the form of missile silos that have appeared across Verdansk.

Types of Bunkers

Prior to the most recent update, there were three kinds of bunkers in Warzone. Red keycard, code accessible, and Bunker 11. Currently, all the bunkers that require codes have had their codes removed from the game along with some of the loot from inside of them. Players can still go to bunkers 01, 03, and 10, but they will no longer need to input codes to enter them. Instead, these bunkers are now permanently open and only spawn average loot. Red Keycard bunkers still function the same as always, although some have been removed from the game. As of the current patch, bunkers 00,04,05,06, 09, and 11 are all permanently sealed and inaccessible by players.

Active Bunkers

Warzone Active Bunkers Season 2

While many bunkers have been closed, there are still numerous locations players can seek out in-game to get a similar high-quality looting experience. Currently, the only accessible bunkers in Warzone are 01, 02, 03, 07, 08, and 10. Bunkers 02, 07, and 08 being the only three that still require red keycards to open. At the same time that many bunkers were sealed, three missile silos have been added to the game that function much like the bunkers in previous patches.

Red Keycard Bunkers

Warzone Red Keycard bunkers

The way to obtain red keycards in Warzone is luckily the same as it always has been. Players can either loot the item from a legendary chest or take it off the corpse of a player who was holding one. Once you have obtained a red keycard, you will then be able to swipe it at one of the following bunkers’ keypads to gain access. If you can open the bunker, you will see a prompt to press your use button when aiming at the keypad.

Bunker 02 Northwest of Boneyard

Warzone Bunker 02

Located on the westernmost side of the map, bunker 02 is now one of only three bunkers accessible by keycard. The bunker’s loot is still of high quality and highly sought after, especially because this is the only keycard bunker for the western half of the map. The entrance is quite close to bunker 03, which no longer requires a keycard, so it is possible to loot both quickly.

Bunker 07 North of Stadium

Warzone Bunker 07

Barely northeast of Bunker 08 is Bunker 07. To gain access, you will have to find a trap door located southwest of the Karst Bridge. This bunker is pretty close to the stadium and can get quite hectic early in the game. Along with Bunker 08, this location is excellent for returning to mid or late game once you find a red access keycard.

Bunker 08 Near Stadium

Warzone Bunker 08

If you were able to find bunker 07, you have already found bunker 08. The entrance to 08 is very close to 07 but still requires a red access keycard. Due to how close these bunkers are, it is highly likely they will be the first place players go once finding a red keycard. To gain access to Bunker 08, go to the large structure near Bunker 07 and look for a ladder to crawl down.

Always Open Bunkers

Open Bunkers Warzone

Previously these locations required players to input specific pre-determined access codes to be entered and rewarded those players with substantial amounts of high-quality loot and weapons. Unfortunately, in the most recent update, the game has removed the entrance requirements from these locations and severely reduced the amount of loot found within them. There are still some items to be obtained in these locations, but it is thought to be the same loot as any other location in the game and is no longer highly sought after.

Bunker 01 Southwest of Boneyard

Warzone Bunker 1

Located near a collection of other bunkers on the western side of the map, Bunker 01 is a great place to land early and grab some ok loot. The legendary boxes and heaps of guns are gone now, but the location is secluded enough and easily defendable that it is still worth visiting.

Bunker 03 Northwest of Boneyard

Warzone Bunker 03

Very near to bunkers 01 and 02, Bunker 03 at first appears closed and inaccessible. To get into the bunker, you will need to find an open hatch in the triple bunker cluster near Bunker 02. This hatch will then drop you into Bunker 03, where you can find some loot similar to Bunker 01.

Bunker 10 Park Bunker/New Silo

Warzone Bunker 10

Unlike the other two bunkers that saw their loot severely reduced in quality and quantity, Bunker 10 is now busier and more item-rich than ever. Because of the new loot, the addition of the missile silo, and lack of entrance requirements, this location has quickly become one of the hottest spots in this season of Warzone.

Missle Silos

Warzone Silo locations

With the arrival of Cold War Season 2 came some massive changes to Warzone and its bunkers. All bunker codes were removed from the game, and restricted bunkers are now open and free-range for any player looking for loot. The major drawback is that now that these areas are easy to access, the loot in said areas is substantially worse in quality and quantity. Luckily, three missile silos were added to the game at the same time, and each has much better loot than old code-activated bunkers. To top it off, these new silos are also always open, and players simply need to go to their location to have a chance at high-quality loot.

Silo 1 North Silo

Warzone Silo 1

In-between the Dam and Military Base and south of the map’s northernmost edge, players can find the first new missile silo. The new area replaced the Jarvisnk Spomenik war memorial, and you can find an entrance to the new silo and bunker between two large statues at the top of the closest hill. Currently, there is nothing more you can do inside the silo beyond loot items. Still, the appearance of an elevator and possible zombie machine means that the silo may become more significant near the end of this Warzone season.

Silo 2 Southwest Silo

Warzone Silo 2

Located in the southwest corner of Verdansk, missile silo 2 is just south of the home construction site. While similar to the first silo, this area does have more potential loot and a similar inactive elevator. It is worth noting that this silo requires you to parachute into it because the entrance hole is so deep you would take fall damage and die otherwise.

Silo 3 Park Bunker Silo

Warzone Bunker 10 Silo

The third and final silo is conveniently located at the same place as Bunker 10, in the southern center of the map below Park. Unlike the other silos, this area can be entered through Bunker 10 and still has some of the lootable areas from the bunker alongside additional items that came with the missile silo. The massive amount of loot available makes this one of the hottest spots in the game, so remember to be careful when exploring Silo 3.

Bunker 11

Bunker 11 Outside

At the time of writing, Bunker 11 is sealed and has no way to be accessed in-game. Before being closed, there was a long and drawn-out process a player could attempt to unlock Bunker 11 and gain access to its unmatched quantities of loot. Just in case Bunker 11 does make a return later this season, you can read below to find a basic explanation of how the last and largest bunker is opened.

Bunker 11 is without a doubt the most rewarding bunker in all of Warzone. To open it, players will need to find much more than just a red access keycard or learn a pre-determined code. There are over 15 phones spread out all across Verdansk, and opening Bunker 11 will take some skill and luck in answering more than a few of them. First, you will have to find a specific warzone phone and listen to see if you hear a dial tone or Russian Chatter. If you hear a tone, it’s the wrong phone. If you get lucky and hear voices, it’s time to start listening and translating. Picking up the proper initial phone will play a recording of a Russian man speaking some dialogue followed by three numbers. Every game, these numbers will be different, so it is good to learn numbers 0-9 in Russian or have a cheat sheet handy. Once you have determined the three numbers from the first phone call, you need to go to the correlating numbered morse code phones spread across Verdansk. Answering the second set of phones in the correct order will open the doors to the mythical Bunker 11. Remember, as it stands currently, this no longer works in-game, and Bunker 11 is sealed to all players.


Warzone Pre-drop

Some of the hottest spots in any game of Warzone are the large loot caches known as bunkers. Previously there were bunkers spread all over the map that had numerous different ways to be opened. With the release of Cold War Season 2 over a month ago, the number of usable bunkers has dropped as well as the quality of loot found within them. Some new areas, such as the missile silos, work well to replace the old bunkers, but they are permanently open and easily accessible by any player. Red keycards still work for exclusive loot, but only three of the six bunkers are still accessible. The sealed bunkers are still present in the game, so they may be coming back or become part of an event closer to the start of Cold War Season 3.