Warzone has gone back in time, and along with it came some major changes to the game’s map. Dubbed Verdansk ’84, the new map features many new areas and design changes aimed at improving gameplay for all Warzone players. Everything, including the weather, has changed in some way, and this season is looking to be the most exciting of Warzone yet.

Warzone Verdansk 84 Flora

1. Changes in Weather and Plant Life

Moving back to 1984 is not the only big change coming to Warzone. Along with the time jump, the season in Verdansk has shifted, and players now will be dropping into spring, complete with new flowers, trees, and other flora. Dense new patches of wildflowers, meadowlands, and trees give players infinitely more cover for late-game scenarios or those moments when firefights take place near an open field away from structures.

2. More Windows and Doors

Players have always been able to access a ton of buildings and structures in Warzone. Verdansk ’84 is no different. In this update, the devs have added even more doors, windows, and points of access to structures all over the map. These updates aim to change the pace of firefights and create new movement options for players all across the map.

Warzone New Gulag

3. New Gulag

One of the key defining features of Warzone has always been the Gulag. While the old prison that saw thousands of 1 v 1s is no more, there is a new and improved Gulag ready to push players to their limit in individual combat. Located in Krovnik Farmland, this new Gulag is in a practice course for a downtown operation in the near future and is filled with obstacles and partitions designed to make battle as vertical and versatile as possible.

Verdansk '84 Bunkers

4. Hatches and Bunker Changes

Before the most recent changes, bunkers and missile silos were hot spots for high-quality loot and upgrades all across Warzone. Unfortunately, with the start of this season, all bunkers and silos have been closed and replaced with hatches. Rumors are that these hatches will begin to unlock over time and come alongside other significant map changes throughout this Warzone season. Only time will tell of the surprises waiting for players in Verdank ’84’s new map.

5. Grid Radar Array

The most prominent new addition to Warzone is the Grid Radar Array. This massive landmark features 12 linked cage towers that offer insane sightlines all over Central Verdansk. Finding this unique landmark is easy due to its enormous size, and dropping there can guarantee some quick weapons because of the insane height of the structure.

6. Gora Summit and the Valley

One of the most significant changes to Warzone this season was the implementation of Gora Summit. Larger than any single multiplayer map, this massive complex is home to numerous buildings connected by a large bridge and gondolas. Below is an equally large valley complete with ascenders and other options for quickly traversing the gargantuan area. This area is overflowing with high-quality loot and is located near the edge of the map, making it a major hotspot this season for early and late-game battles.

7. Airport Redesign

Because Verdansk ’84 goes back in time, some changes actually reduce the size and complexity of certain areas. The airport is a perfect example of this. Before the airport was a massive international hub complete with tunnels and a mostly destroyed roof, it was a small, still intact regional airport with a mere two planes on the runway. Along with its reduced size, the airport interior and control tower have seen a massive visual overhaul and now sport the latest in ’80s aircraft technology. Skylights have also been added throughout the airport in hopes of providing easier access to the interior and add a bit of chaos to the location.

8. Stadium Changes

Before there was a giant stadium dominating the Eastern side of the map, there was the humble Verdansk Spark’s Arena. This much smaller structure is now under construction in ’84 to become the mega-stadium of the future. The arena is much more open than the stadium and features multiple sightlines and high vantage points, including a crane and massive old-school scoreboard. Loot in the arena is more accessible than ever, and this spot is likely to become one of the hottest drops this season in Warzone.

9. Small Flow Improvements

Beyond the many large differences and new structures in Verdansk ’84, the new map also brings a ton of small changes and adjustments. Aimed at improving the game’s flow, these new updates include the removal of obstacles previously blocking paths and are aimed at making traversing Verdansk much more manageable. Combined with the new flora, these changes look to significantly affect gameplay and hope to shift the meta to more fast-paced and frantic action.

10. Superstore and Factory

While not as noticeable as other changes, the Superstore has got a retro overhaul and modifications to make the location even more of a hectic hotspot. The addition of skylights allows for more access points to the structure and quicker initial drops. Inside the Superstore, the shelves have been changed so that now the tops of shelving are accessible, and a new refrigerated section has been added to further alter the structure’s layout. The area surrounding Superstore has also seen significant changes with the addition of a factory with large warehouses and tunnels nearby designed to push players towards the location.

Warzone New Map

There are a ton of new changes that came with Warzone’s latest map. Everything from available weapons to locations has been modified in some way, and there is a ton of new content for players to dive into. While the battle royal has gone back in time to 1984, the game’s design and map feel quite modern. New changes aim to make each game feel better and create a natural flow for players when traveling the map. As always in Warzone, there are new easter eggs and hidden areas to discover. This season has just started, but the new map looks to already be one of Call of Duty’s most ambitious yet.