Apex Legends, the first person shooter full of predators and lurkers. Now coming to mobile and everybody is excited for it!

What you need to know about the BETA

Apex Legends will be rolling out their closed BETA soon in a series of smaller test groups, starting in India and the Philippines. It will start on Android and only roll out to iOS after some testing.

How to participate

Apex Legends will release the beta into new regions as we go, you will be able to register for it on the Google Play store here once it’s your regions turn. Limited people will get through but there should be a continuous stream of new people being let in.

Will it be free to play?

Just like on PC it will be free to play with in-game purchases. This game is also not a pay-to-win game, so all purchasable content will be cosmetical only, with some really cool exclusive items you have a chance to get like heirlooms and special sets.

Which mobile devices will work best

The beta is specifically made for Android version 6.0 as a minimum and although this is what is required for beta, it may not be what is required for the production version of the game. In the beta, the game will also not fully represent the final game graphics or gameplay.

What happens to your account after the beta is finished

Will you get to keep your progress is basically what we’re asking here, and the answer is no. All content will get reset once the beta has finished. A full wipe.

Will there be cross-play?

In short no, the game will be adapted and feature a different flavor than the PC version, which will make it so that unfortunately, it is no cross-play.