In Animal Crossing: New Horizon, money is represented by Bells. That’s why players in the community commonly refer to Bell trees as Money Trees. Shaking these trees will release multiple Bell bags that players can then pick up for a nice and easy profit. Planting these trees takes little time and is a good habit to learn. Regularly using money trees is a great way to increase your overall profit and Bell count in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Planting Trees

Animal Crossing Money Tree

In order to plant a money tree, you must first find a glowing spot on the ground. These spots will only appear once a day, so make sure you plant your tree as often as possible for maximum profit. First, dig at the glowing mark. This will give you a bag with 1000 Bells and the ability to plant a money tree. To actually plant the tree, you must take a number of Bells out of your inventory and put them in the hole where the glowing spot previously was. This step is crucial because the number of Bells you get from the tree is directly related to the amount you plant. According to the Animal Crossing WiKi, money trees will produce bells in the following manner.

  • 100-1000 Bells deposited will guarantee three bags of 1000 Bells when harvested. 
  • 2000-9000 Bells deposited will have a 70% chance of returning 3000 Bells and a 30% chance of returning three times the amount buried.
  • 10,000-99,000 Bells planted has a 70% chance to return 30,000 Bells and a 30% chance of dropping three times the amount buried.

Collecting Your Money

Animal Crossing Money Tree

Unfortunately, you will have to wait for your money tress to grow before you can harvest them. Luckily, you can move money trees without losing Bells by digging up the tree once it is a sapling and moving it elsewhere. This will allow you to be as efficient as possible when planting and harvesting money trees on the same day. Typically it takes three days for the tree to become fully grown and harvestable. It is also worth noting that you can only harvest from money trees once. After the initial Bells fall off, the tree will function as a regular hardwood tree. To get your fresh new money, walk up to the fully grown Bell trees and shake them. This will drop 3 bags of Bells that will change in quantity depending on the amount you planted.


Animal Crossing Trees Fall

Bells are the cash of Animal Crossing, and with some careful gardening, you can make money grow on trees. Taking the time once a day to find a glowing spot and plant a Bell tree is an excellent way to increase your profits in Animal Crossing. After several days these trees will grow to provide you with free money that has a chance of being three times the amount you put in. No matter what amount you burry, you will always get three bags of Bells in return. The guaranteed return allows you to experiment with planting different numbers and best learn how to maximize profits without risking your valuable Bells.